As one of Europe’s leading specialist contractors, Brown and Mason have the capability and expertise to cater for all projects on the industry spectrum, ranging from complex city centre deconstructions to large scale energy refineries.

Our most comprehensive experience lies firmly within the heavy industrial setting. We truly believe that we are unrivalled in our capacity to deliver such projects, supported by a vast portfolio successful completions. Since formation in 1959, we have solidified our presence within the industry, boasting the demolition of close to 50 power stations within the UK alone. We work closely with large energy corporations, many of which on repeat business over a number of years to deliver their projects on time, within budget and with the highest regard to safety.

With our directly employed workforce of over 500 employees, sourced from all over the UK and our modern, state of the art plant & equipment, we have the capability to quickly mobilise to ensure that each project gets off to an effective start. Add to this meticulous planning and the highest safety standards, coupled with competent professional management – you have the recipe which has brought Brown and Mason to the forefront of the demolition industry.