Asset Recovery

Brown and Mason reclaim industrial plant for resale using our asset recovery service. We also specialise in realising the maximum value in scrap metal from industrial demolition sites.

Brown and Mason have an absolute commitment to following the hierarchy or waste (Reuse- Recycle-Recover-Landfill (last resort) on all of our projects). In addition to processing scrap metal and preparing plant / vessels for resale we sort other arisings for processing by others at local waste transfer stations (e.g. board, glass, plastics).  Our commitment is both ethical and financial – a significant portion of our profits comes from re-sale of plant from demolition sites and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal.

During the last 25 years, we have processed over 1.1m tonnes of ferrous scrap metal arisings from the 50 power plants we have decommissioned and demolished, this doesn’t take into account any other projects we have worked on over the same period which take the total to approximately 2m tonnes.

We have built up long-standing relationships with the major ferrous and non-ferrous merchants in Europe, and this has enabled us to obtain the best prices in the marketplace. This also enables us to pass on savings to our customers, in the form of lump-sum credits within the contract value and ensure that they are being offered the best service available.

With regard to our strategy for the removal off-site of all ferrous metals, the materials are reduced on site to scrap furnace sizes, in designated, external, processing areas and dispatched from site on a regular basis, for ultimate recycling, through one of the aforementioned major merchants.

Similarly, all non-ferrous arisings are stripped down, sufficient for transportation, and then delivered to a specialist non-ferrous recycler, for further processing.

As part of our combined management system, we have a scrap metal processing procedure to ensure the safety of our operatives at all times. Please contact us for full details on our asset recovery service.