Engineering Services

Brown and Mason Ltd offer over 50 years’ of experience of City Centre demolition. We are able to offer a complete design, fabrication and erection service for façade retention and a range of associated temporary works, including construction of temporary road surfaces and parking areas.

Over the years we have gained invaluable experience in the retention of building façades, a service which we find is in increasing demand, especially with the architectural allure of unique buildings and features. For over 50 years the present management team at Brown and Mason has been responsible for completing complex redevelopment projects involving retaining façades and numerous other engineering disciplines.

Temporary Works

In order for follow-on construction to proceed smoothly and effectively it is essential to integrate permanent and temporary works in and around the site. Once again our experience and expertise comes into play, particularly on confined demolition sites in busy city centres, allowing us to provide innovative and cost-efficient solutions to any problems encountered before, during and after the project.

Engineering in Practice On Site

The landmark Marsham Street project in the City of Westminster comprised of the intricate demolition of the former Headquarters of the Department of the Environment. It is purported to be the largest ever city centre demolition contract to be undertaken in the United Kingdom. The Brown and Mason demolition equipment introduced on the Marsham Street project site varied from 1.5 tonne mini-excavators to a goliath 110 tonne base-weight 360° excavator equipped with a concrete crusher attachment with jaws extendable to 2.6 metres. Introducing such epic fleet to congested areas can only be done successfully by a company that know exactly they are doing and have been there many, many times before.

In total, Brown and Mason were able to recycle 90% of the 200,000 tonnes of masonry arisings comprising concrete and brickwork from the Marsham Street site.

More examples of our engineering services and capabilities can be found on our case studies pages, or please contact us for more information.