Removal of Tall Structures, Olefins 5, Wilton

Industrial Dismantling and Decommissioning
Jul 2012

The Olefins 5 plant was commissioned in 1969 and was operated for 23 years before being taken out of service in 1982.

At that stage the plant was not fully decommissioned as there was a belief that the plant may be restarted, however this idea was abandoned in the early 1990’s.

The Client wished to effectively remediate the cracker plant at Wilton by removing tall structures which had rusted over time and presented a fall risk.  The plant is redundant but surrounded by other live facilities, and presented a number of challenges due to live services being routed through it – a control centre and flare stack are adjacent.

The main work involved the safe demolition of: Babcock Columns, Furnace Stacks and Butadiene Columns.