Coryton Refinery

Thames Oilport
Industrial Dismantling and Decommissioning, Asbestos Removal
24 Months

Brown and Mason have been appointed as the first step in redevelopment of the site of the former Coryton Refinery.

The company will clear some 70 acres of process plant from the site. Under Brown and Mason’s contract, structures will be demolished down to the level of the concrete base.  Asbestos will be safely removed from the site, some units will be cleaned or decontaminated before removal and materials will be segregated to maximise potential for waste recycling.

Works will include: erection of scaffolding, provision of all necessary pre-demolition surveys and inspections (including asbestos), and removal and disposal of:

  • All vessels, columns, furnaces, heat exchangers
  • All services – electrical / instrumentation equipment, cabling and trays
  • All utility systems (water, air, steam, nitrogen)
  • All stairs, ladders, floors and gantries
  • All concrete / metal chimney stacks
  • All residual substances
  • All asbestos containing materials
  • All civil structures / buildings

Return to the client will be maximised through reclamation, separation and preparation for reuse of scrap metals.  For example at least 65,000 te of ferrous metal will be reclaimed.