Site Clearance for the London 2012 Olympic Games

The Olympic Development Authority (ODA)
Industrial Dismantling and Decomissioning, Asbestos Management, Excavation and Remediation, Decontamination
September 2009

3No. major work packages on the site of the 2012 Olympics comprising phased asbestos removal and demolition of numerous buildings and structures of all types and sizes ranging from 1 to 5 storeys. This high profile project also included the dismantling and demolition of 6No road bridges of varying construction over the local river/canal systems.

Before commencing asbestos removal and demolition, Brown and Mason carried out soft strip of various redundant industrial and office buildings on the site. Demolition works included:

• Former offices of Bywaters Waste Management
• Former University of London Engineering Block (Remote demolition with 360º High-Reach)
• Former Parkes Galvanising Plant (involved removal of 7 sunken acid baths, formerly containing hydrochloric acid and other corrosive materials)
• A large number of steel portal framed industrial buildings.
• Removal and disposal of significant amounts of asbestos-containing roof materials