Bunker Bays out with a Bang

Brown & Mason’s explosive presence was very much felt yesterday as demolition work continued at Kingsnorth Power Station in Medway, Kent.

At 15:00pm, the last two remaining bunker bays 3+4 were ‘dropped’ by a series of controlled explosions in an impressive display of destruction.

The legs of the bays were weakened by partial cutting, then explosives were strategically placed and encapsulated by sandbags to minimise flying debris. An exclusion zone was firmly established around the site to ensure the utmost safety of the operation.

B&M SHE Manager, Calum Cameron commented: “Yesterday marked yet another successful blow-down in the Brown & Mason portfolio. As always, the success was as a result of meticulous planning and the hard work of our Explosive Engineers”

The former coal & oil fuelled site is approaching its final stages of demolition, with the remaining boiler houses 3&4 due to be demolished in the upcoming months.

Please click the following link for the full video: https://youtu.be/8QPF229bi70