Four New DRS-45 Shears for Brown and Mason

Brown and Mason has continued its programme of investment into its fleet of plant with the purchase of four new Kinshofer– Demarec DRS-45-A dedicated shears, delivered and installed by Kinshofer’s independent dealer for London and the South East, Mutley Plant Service.

The 4.1 ton DRS-45-A shears have been dipper mounted to Komatsu PC 490’s and to Hitachi ZX 470’s and deployed across a number of the sites which the company is currently operating on in the UK.

It was Lee Brown (Project Director) who first operated the DRS-45 on demonstration at the companies Kingsnorth Power Station site in Kent, and was left impressed with the performance of the Kinshofer/Demarec product. “The first thing I noticed when operating it was how quickly the jaw opened and closed in comparison to the other shears we have in our fleet.” He went on to say “The shear performed very well on demonstration, on a site like this we have a variety of structures and material sizes to test it on, and each time it tackled them with confidence.”

Mutley Plant Service installed all the shears for Brown and Mason, and have entered into a repair and maintenance contract with them to ensure the shears continue to work to maximum productivity throughout their life.

The DRS range of shears has been 3 years in the design, evaluation and testing and incorporates many of the design and technological features of the company’s well renowned MQP Multi Quick Processor range.

Among the key features of the DRS shear technology is the speed valve and cylinder design that enables maximum speed throughout the cutting cycle: opening AND closing. The design and the technology allow for cycle times in the 6 second range as opposed to the 9 to 11 second range commonly offered by other manufacturers. The power ‘curve’ remains constant throughout the closing cycle, providing a higher cutting force which results in an advantage of capability even with the increased jaw speed.

Also, the DRS shears trunnion mounted cylinder means that the overall length of the shear is significantly reduced, improving stability, and even allowing bigger shears to be fitted to the excavator.