Littlebrook Zip Line Charity Event

The Littlebrook Zip Line charity event will take place on Sunday 16th September 2018, raising money for The Fire Fighters Charity.

You can donate online here: Littlebrook Chimney Zip Line JustGiving Donation Page

In 2016, thrillseekers took flight over London’s skies on a 52 metre-high zip line above the River Thames. The line, which was 1,480ft (450m) long, was installed by the London Fire Brigade raising over £1 million:

These incredible, gentle (persons) are planning a zip line four times the height in 2019 to raise even more.

The insurers have asked for dummies to test the Littlebrook Zip Line rig on 16 September 2018 – this is where we come in!

This zip line will be from the top of the Chimney at the former Littlebrook power station, landing at the end of the far jetty on the photo. The initial inspection took 1hr for the team to climb the 21 storeys inside the chimney.

To put this chimney into perspective:

  • Nelson’s Column is 52 metres high
  • The Statue of Liberty is 93 metres
  • Canada Tower is the same height as the Littlebrook Chimney – a terrifying 210 metres!

Littlebrook Zip Line Charity Event 2018

Please Donate

If Fire Fighters can do what they do from day-to-day, with the persons involved being on active duty during and after Grenfell, then this is the least we can do to show our thanks and admiration.

Tritax, Bericote, KAM and Brown and Mason have shown amazing support to break through the red tape to make this happen.

Jonathan Maher, Alex Hadden, Luke Allen and Piers Ridout will brave the wire, and will post videos showing proof of descent. For any considerable donations, they will shout (scream) the generous donators’ names as they fall!

It’s easy to donate, but much harder to ask for donations – any contribution will be thanked for personally.

You can donate securely, via JustGiving using the link below:

Littlebrook Chimney Zip Line JustGiving Donation Page

The Fire Fighters Charity provide life-enhancing services to the Fire & Rescue community
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