BAM Present on Explosive Demolition

In the past few months Terry Irving, BAM’s head of business development and marketing, has visited Barcelona and Prague to present on the technical and detailed aspects of explosive demolition events.


First up was the 5th Annual Decommissioning and Demolition Forum for High Hazard Process Plants: Fossil-Fuel Power Plants, Chemical/Petrochemicals and Refineries running from March 7th-8th in Barcelona. The forum was hosted by the TBM Evolution Group, an experienced business event organiser, focused on bringing innovation and the latest information to relevant target industries.

The forum covered the following areas:

  • Learn about how latest regulations and market drivers are affecting the future
    asset closures in heavy industrial sector
  • State-of-the-art techniques for demolition and dismantling
  • How to approach decommissioning project planning and procurement
  • Prioritising Health, Safety and Environment in decommissioning projects

Terry’s presentation on The Technical and Detailed Aspects of Explosive Demolition Events took place on day two of the forum, covering:

  • Brown and Mason: 50 years’ experience
  • Rugeley Site History
  • Pre-Event Public interaction
  • Rugeley Event FGD Ducting Pre-Planning – Technical
  • Explosive Material & Technique
  • Event Health and Safety
  • Blow Down Event
  • Post Blow Down

You can download the full agenda here.


Prague Conference Brown and MasonJust 13 days later, Terry headed off to Prague, where Brown and Mason were Business Development Sponsors for the 2nd Annual Europe’s Decommissioning and Demolition of Conventional Power Plants Forum running from 21st-22nd March.

The forum covered the following Key Practical Learning Points, with speakers from all over Europe presenting:

  • From shutdown to decommissioning and demolition (preferred)
  • Power Station Closure – Be Prepared
  • Safety I & II – why you need both
  • Decommissioning and Demolition is always unique
  • Selling your site – with undemolished station though with value add and
    limited liabilities
  • Financial Implications on the phase-out of conventional PP
  • Demolish one station vs. a program – what makes the difference?
  • The Technical and detailed aspects of Explosive Demolition Events
  • Futur-e Project
  • Operator and Contractor interaction in demolition stage
  • Case study from the Petrochemical Industry
  • The challenges of Explosive Demolition in The Bahamas
  • Strategic management for asbestos removal and environmental radiation
  • End of Life Power Plants – Options & Opportunities, Project Planning,
    Pitfalls and Procurement
  • Innovative explosive technologies and methods: Enhancing safety and
    efficiency in explosive demolition

Terry once again presented on the Technical and Detailed Aspects of Explosive Demolition, an area that Brown and Mason are industry-leading experts in.

Areas covered included:

  • Pre-Planning Detail
  • Pre-Planning Technical
  • Explosive Material
  • Explosive Techniques
  • Health and Safety
  • Blown Down Event
  • Post Blow Down

You can download the full agenda here.